Practice-oriented courses
  through "action learning" approach.
  • RCI® Basics
  • Interactive RCA and UCA training, with practical day
  • Fast Track
  • IInteractive RCA/UCA training in more detail
  • Custom made
  • Tailored to your specific needs or problems


Endeavour Training Participants
To what extent have you found this course instructive?
  • "You mainly learn to look beyond your own little world."   
  • "It is not just accepting, but continuing to ask questions and listening."
  • "Previously you would fixate on a cause, based on intuition. You learn to put these feelings aside and look further."
To what extent is the learning applicable to your professional environment?
  • "We have regular RCAs, allowing me to contribute more now."
  • "Highly applicable, the key task is to identify and solve problems"
  • "It can even be used for processes other than production."
  What did you think of the trainer?
  •  "The trainer was actively involved, enthusiastic, and knows how to motivate the group."
  • "There was not a dull moment. Fascinating presentation from A to Z."
  • "The trainer had a sense of humour and a good feel for the group."
  • "The first trainer who was interesting from beginning to end!"
What did you think of the course setup and programme?
  • "Excellent, good variety, keeping everyone involved"
  • "Good, with compact explanation of theory and (recognisable) practice. "
To what extent did you find the course an enjoyable experience?
  •  "The days flew by!"
  • "Super, very interactive."
  • "The balance between theory and practice was perfect!"

What is RCI

Endeavour Benefits

  • Applicable in all positions
  • Yields are immediately visible
  • Practical trainings
  • Experienced and passionate trainers
  • Active on an international level
  • Training is presented in Dutch, German, English and Spanish