Improve your business processes structurally
  with Root Cause Investigator™
  • RCI® Basics
  • Interactive RCA and UCA training, with practical day
  • Fast Track
  • IInteractive RCA/UCA training in more detail
  • Custom made
  • Tailored to your specific needs or problems

Root Cause Investigator

Root Cause Investigator™ (RCI®) is a very powerful method for problem analysis that is capable of achieving results fast. Problems that have plagued organisations for months or even years on end have often been resolved with RCI® in a matter of only a few hours. The methods can be used in any function, any situation, any work process and with any technology to contribute to the structural improvement of business processes and safety. The method is independent of technology and is especially suitable for multidisciplinary teams.
Return on Investment
After training in methods and skills have been completed practical days follow, at which time your employees can work on current issues that they are dealing with to help them get closer to the solution. Solutions are often already found during this stage, whereby the results of a Root Cause Investigator™ training course are immediately visible. With the clever and structural application of different RCI® methods, results also become measurable.
RCI® benefits
  • A proven method
  • Applicable to any problem
  • High Return on Investment
  • Sharp questions and the ability to think lead to rapid analysis
  • Problems are addressed at the core
  • Reach agreement on root causes
  • Obtain long-term/structural solutions
  • Everyone can learn it
  • Stimulate problem resolution in the workplace
  • Provide structural improvement to your business processes

What is RCI

Endeavour Benefits

  • Applicable in all positions
  • Yields are immediately visible
  • Practical trainings
  • Experienced and passionate trainers
  • Active on an international level
  • Training is presented in Dutch, German, English and Spanish