Improve your business processes structurally
  with Root Cause Investigator™
  • RCI® Basics
  • Interactive RCA and UCA training, with practical day
  • Fast Track
  • IInteractive RCA/UCA training in more detail
  • Custom made
  • Tailored to your specific needs or problems

Fast Track

About the programme
The RCA (Root Cause Analysis), UCA (Unknown Cause Analysis) and Root Cause Selection are discussed and practised at a rapid pace. This training course provides practical exercise, and it allows for delving deeper into issues. Background, relationships with other improvement methods and applications in a management environment are all covered in more detail.
An 'action learning' approach is employed during training. This allows participants to discover how they can improve their problem-solving skills. Specific skills are mastered and applied in actual practical problems that participants bring with them.
  • 3 consecutive theory / practical days with two evening programs
Learning objectives
The purpose of the training courses is for participants to obtain knowledge and insight into the RCI® methodologies. They can collect, organise and analyse information and select the best measures from alternatives.
For whom
  • HSE staff
  • Employees in positions related to quality or reliability improvement.

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What is RCI

Endeavour Benefits

  • Applicable in all positions
  • Yields are immediately visible
  • Practical trainings
  • Experienced and passionate trainers
  • Active on an international level
  • Training is presented in Dutch, German, English and Spanish